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Safety Tips/Warning

Warning: Skate safely! For best protection wear a safety certified helmet, as well as knee, elbow, wrist protection and flat soled shoes. Skateboarding is a dangerous activity. Avoid high speeds and going down hills. Even at low speeds, serious injury or death can occur.

Use of safety gear, taking lessons, riding responsibly within your skill level and abilities, as well as using common sense, can all reduce the risk of serious injuries or death. Know how to stop your skateboard before you start skating. Never hitch a ride from a car, bus, truck, bicycle or vehicle. Follow all traffic and pedestrian rules. Stay out of water and check all nuts and bolts, from time to time, for proper adjustment and tightness.

Skateboarding accidents happen, so you should always know what to do in emergency situations. Don't panic. Call 911 for medical assistance or an ambulance.