NHS Key Account Sales Manager

The Key Account Sales Manager position is an exciting opportunity for an outgoing, enthusiastic, and detail orientated individual to develop sales across all NHS brands and categories with an important customer base. This position works closely with the executive team, coworkers, and direct reports across all lines, reporting directly to the Director of Sales and works closely with the Apparel Department Manager, Apparel SMU Merchandiser, Vice President of Product, Hardgoods Department Manager, and Shipping and Logistics Manager.

Core responsibilities include, but aren’t limited to

Manage, develop and implement sales strategies for NHS’ Key Accounts while pursuing the company’s departmental and financial goals and objectives. Identify and capitalize on opportunities in current and future key account sales channels. Develop and execute strategic sales plans, while capitalizing on upcoming and existing opportunities across all NHS brands and categories.

Essential Functions

  • Manage a group (currently 5) of Key accounts throughout the United States for all NHS brands.
  • Manage and motivate a team of two Key Account Sales Representatives/Coordinators.
  • Develop and manage Special Make Up programs (segmented products) for Key Accounts.
  • Increase sales by creating stronger partnerships with Key Accounts.
  • Meet prebook and development order deadlines.
  • Work in a fast-paced environment. Cooperate with and motivate others.
  • Manage all order processing, spreadsheets and established systems to guide, track or review customer sales. Make suggestions for efficiency improvements to processes when relevant.
  • Visit customers on a regular basis to present product lines and review selling and sales opportunities. 
  • Increase participation in forecasting and preordering for all Key Account programs such as direct ships, Special Make Ups, and apparel prebooks. Make suggestions for additional sales programs when necessary.
  • Work closely with various NHS departments to ensure customer requests are appropriate and timely.
  • Ensure maximum NHS brand and category representation with these customers.

Candidate Characteristics & Experience:

  • At least five-years industry related sales and management experience.
  • A process-oriented problem solver who will manage complex situations.
  • Awesome presentation and product knowledge skills
  • Must have strong written and verbal communication skills with acute attention to details.
  • Must be a team player and have strong organizational and follow up skills.
  • Willing to take risks, is socially poised, and honors the best interest of NHS.
  • Able to solve problems, likes a fast-paced work environment, and is extroverted.

Must be proficient in Microsoft Office, specifically Word and Excel programs

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