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NHS, Inc. is a privately-held company established 40 years ago in Santa Cruz, California, is considered one of the most innovative and respected skateboard companies in the world today. NHS brands include Santa Cruz Skateboards, Independent Truck Company, Creature Skateboards, OJ Wheels, Bronson Speed Co, Road Rider, Krux Trucks, Ricta Wheel Dynamics, Mob Grip, Bullet, Strange Notes and Nor Cal Apparel.

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"Why Skateboarding" showcases NHS employees and how their passion for skateboarding led them to a career in the skate industry!

Meet Ted, a skateboarder from New Jersey who moved to California to pursue a career as a graphic designer at a skateboard company. When he's not busy putting the graphics in Graphic Mob, he's out skating... and absolutely ripping.

Follow Ted on Instagram: @eusweesh